Università degli Studi di Brescia

Università degli Studi di Brescia

Operating office: Piazza Mercato, 15 – 25121 Brescia (BS)

Ph: +39 030 29881

E-mail: servizio.ricerca@unibs.it

Website: https://en.unibs.it/

The University of Brescia is an Italian state university based in the city of Brescia. It was founded in 1982 and its activities are focused on the health and wellbeing of people and the environment, through integration of its cultural and scientific areas and collaboration with national and international partners.

Main activities related to the Cluster:

  • Re-use of waste produced by biomass, in particular ash from waste-to-energy processes;
  • Recovery of thermal energy from waste biomass, through pyrolysis products;
  • Synthesis of colloidal crystals and ultra-thin layers for photocatalysis;
  • Synthesis of bioplastics produced by agricultural waste.