RuralBioUp Project

The RuralBioUp Project (Empowering EU Rural Regions to scale-Up and adopt small-scale Bio-based solutions) was funded under the Horizon EU funding programme with the primary objective of enhancing the rural bioeconomy of European regions.

In particular, the RuralBioUp project aims to:

  • Foster the transition towards a Circular, Sustainable, Regenerative, Inclusive and Correct bioeconomy in all regions of Europe.
  • Support the adoption of small-scale biobased solutions in rural areas in line with territorial characteristics (biomass present, existing technologies, etc.).
  • Encourage the emergence of sustainable supply chains towards the production of bio-based products by facilitating contacts between the Agricultural sector, the Research, Development and Innovation sector, and the Industrial sector.


Project Focus and Objectives

By strengthening cooperation between key regional actors and knowledge holders, the RuralBioUp project will enable them to create an inclusive and lasting ecosystem (the Regional Hubs) to support the integration of bio-based business models in rural areas. RuralBioUp plans to set up 9 Regional Hubs (30 stakeholders per Hub) in 6 EU countries, which will co-design and implement 9 Action Plans on 18 value chains. The implementation of their Action Plans will be supported by RuralBioUp partners through mentoring, coaching, and training activities for the regional Hubs.

Through networking events and study visits, approximately 1,000 innovators will receive support and approximately 50 new collaborations will be established (e.g., partnership agreements between companies and/or farmers, funded solutions, etc.). The project will leverage synergies between existing European networks, clusters, and regional organizations and build on the results of previous research, integrating and extending existing knowledge and data in order to propose different rural business models and new bio-based value chains in the targeted regions, through the implementation of a digital tool (the RuralBioUp One-Stop-Shop) that will allow supporting regional actors in making informed, science-based decisions.



RuralBioUp brings together 12 partners representing 9 European countries, involving organisations of different types and with complementary skills. In particular, the partners involved are:

  • Coordinatori: APRE – Agenzia Promozione Ricerca Europea [Italy]
  • SPRING – Cluster Italiano Bioeconomia Circolare [Italy]
  • ITABIA – Italian Biomass Association [Italy]
  • LGCA – Lombardy Green Chemistry Association [Italy]
  • ZSI – Zentrum fur Soziale Innovation [Austria]
  • Civitta Easti As [Estonia]
  • Vegepolys Valley [France]
  • IBF – Irish Bioeconomy Foundation [Irland]
  • LOBA – Globaz SA [Portugal]
  • Riculture Research (ZEMEDELSKY VYZKUM, SPOL SRO [Czech Republic]
  • IPE – Romanian Academy National Institute For Economic Research [Romania]



  • Total Budget: 2 998 823,75 €
  • EU contribution: 2 998 823,50 €
  • Duration of the project: 01/10/2022 – 30/10/2025


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