Thematic Groups

The Thematic Groups (GT) are intended as collectors of the requests coming from the Members in the specific areas of competence and as proposers of initiatives (eg position papers, projects, etc.).

The objectives of the Thematic Groups are functional to those of the Association:

  • to support the Region in defining and implementing its policies to support innovation;
  • to promote the exchange of information and knowledge and collaboration among the Members;
  • to give national and international visibility to the interests and skills of the Members.

Each GT defines specific and measurable objectives.

As foreseen by the Statute of the Association (art.15), the Thematic Groups can be constituted at the initiative of the Board of Directors or at least 5 Members.

The Members can participate in the GTs. For special needs related to the topics dealt with (eg. participation as an expert on a specific topic at a certain meeting) or for promotional purposes, non-members may also participate in the Groups. Their participation must be reported to the Secretariat and highlighted in the report of the meeting.


In the 2017-2018, the “Sustainable Chemistry” Thematic Group was established, one of the macro-themes contained in the Lombardy Region Work Program of the Smart Specialization Strategy. The GT “Bio-refineries” and “Bioeconomy of the future” did not start.

The Group was guided by 3 coordination figures (co-leader), 2 from the research world, 1 from the industrial world, who had the function of:

  • to animate the GT and act as referents to the Board of Directors;
  • to support the management of the GT;
  • to propose project requests;
  • to favor the involvement of the industrial component in the GT;
  • to highlighting projects and critical issues.


In 2020, the Working Table “Training and Rules” was created, managed by Eco-Zinder SpA, a company associated with the LGCA Cluster.

It is possible to read the minutes of the meetings (in italian):

LGCA Members who wish to participate to this Working Table should contact the Secretariat: Ludovica Carolina Castelli,

Discover the Thematic Groups from 2014 to 2016

Industrial organic waste

Focus: Use of organic waste for the production of high-value materials and/or green energy

Coordinator: Nicoletta Ravasio

Innovative materials

Focus:  Identification of “green” innovative materials from/to traditional processes and uses

Coordinator: Alessio Varesano

Biogas supply chain

Focus:  Enhancement of the biogas supply chain with the production of high-value materials and green energy

Coordinator: Lorenzo Maggioni

Substances with high added value

Focus:  Extraction of high value substances from industrial processes/waste/production

Coordinator: Anna Arnoldi

Energy valorization of biomass

Focus:  Recovery of energy from biodegradable products

Coordinator: Tiziano Faravelli

Wood supply chain

Focus:  Valorization of matter and energy from woody biomass

Coordinator: Chiara Cattaneo

Sustainable Chemistry

Focus:  Reduction of the environmental impact of traditional chemistry

Coordinator: Matteo Guidotti

Strategies and promotion

Focus:  Cluster strategies and support to the Region

Coordinator: Daniele Colombo