Nano Sensor Systems Srl

Nano Sensor Systems Srl

Operating office: Via C. Branze, 38 – 25123 Brescia (BS)

Ph: +39 030 3715771



Nano Sensor Systems S.r.l. (NASYS) is an innovative start-up, registered in the Special Register of the C.C.I.A. of Brescia and established in October 2016. It is a spin-off of the University of Brescia and bases its know-how on an international university research experience gained in over 80 years man.

The mission of NASYS is to develop, produce and market chemical sensors and systems of high technological value, based on nanotechnologies and innovative materials.

NASYS has already produced a prototype nanosensor system called S3, an acronym for Small Sensors System. NASYS srl is the only company in the sector capable of producing and offering tailor-made systems on the market, using a revolutionary technology in the world of volatile compound sensors and nanotechnologies.