Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Operating office: Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo, 1 – 20126 Milano (MI)

Ph: +39 02 64486129

Website: www.unimib.it/unimib-international

In 1998 the old buildings of the Pirelli factory were turned into a state of the art complex including: extremely modern research laboratories, big study areas and common areas for students. A unique university campus in Italy with its 28 buildings spread all over Milan, Monza and the Maldives.

The location of its main buildings in the northeast of the city and its proximity to the Greco Pirelli railway station make the Bicocca University highly accessible. Through our broad and rich educational offerings, we aim to allow students to find their real vocation, advance their own interests, take a critical look and acquire skills and a solid know-how to build their profession.

Excellent teaching, excellent research, and high quality service place focus on the individual, as the pillars of a modern, future-oriented university.

Our university teaches its students to seize the world’s opportunities and not to be frightened to confront them and put themselves out there.
It is an inclusive university which shares, respects and protects diversity, as one of its main values.
Bicocca is a leader in local and international cultural development.