Agromatrici Srl

Agromatrici Srl

Operating office: Strada Vicinale della Bellaria, snc – 27020 Tromello (PV)

Ph: +39 0382 809033



Agromatrici S.r.l. is a company based in Tromello (PV), Northern Italy, which operates in the biomass recovery sector and in the development of solutions for the waste reuse and valorisation.

It identifies, researches, experiments and applies alternatives for the waste disposal, through innovative treatment processes, aimed at the recovery of organic materials and nutrient.

Research is under way to:

  • Develop new technologies to increase effectiveness of resource recovery for nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater sludges
  • Exploitation of biological wastes for the production of value-added products
  • Develop and produce new fertilizers from organic waste.