Acqua&Sole Srl

Acqua&Sole Srl

Operating Office: Via Giulio Natta – 27010 Vellezzo Bellini (PV)

Ph: +39 0382 922222



Acqua&Sole promotes novel Systems and Activities that originate from Cultural Innovation, identifying objectives and uses for existing technologies, developing them into successful business with the aim of contributing to the new economic and social developments. Currently, the main focus is aimed at the creation of environmental services that are required for sustainable agriculture and peri-urban areas.

Recently (2013-2016) Acqua&Sole has realized and constructed a new system and plant for the recovery and reuse of nutrients orientated towards the need of farmers. This innovative plant receive 120,000 t/year of organic waste and waste water sludge and converting this into organic fertilizer that is completely sanitized and deodorized, allowing for the fertilization of 5,000 hectares in the region, thereby improving the soil fertility without the need of chemical fertilizers.

Acqua&Sole’s main focus activity:

  • Recycling and recovery of nutrient from livestock farms, the agro-food industries, sewage sludges and the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste;
  • Fertilizers’ and Soils’ analysis;
  • Monitoring and analysis of vegetation using Remote Sensing Control;
  • Monitoring soil improvements in fertility and environmental quality,
  • Recycling and recovery of nutrient from organic material;
  • Energy production from biogas;
  • Biomethane production;
  • Algae production for agricultural market.